Where Would You Like to Be in the Next 5 Years?

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Have you ever encountered this question? Perhaps asked by a friend, or a speaker somewhere? Or even you asked yourself this question? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, 7 years, 10 years?

It’s a good question. It is self-emptying. It triggers you to search within your soul. It makes you try to project things. And, get to the heart of reality.

Another question which I often ask my friends is; Are you where you wanted to be? Is this where you planned to be 5 years ago? Or things went awry? These questions are not meant to trigger guilty consciousness but they are meant to help you reflect and plan.

As someone said, without a proper planning and commitment to the plan, life will just become a fable. Yes, your tomorrow will be controlled by external factors while you have little control of it. You will accept what life begets you.

But there is a way out? Establish a strategic plan over your life. And take MASSIVE ACTION. Without action, your plan will remain just a plan and nothing else. But if you take massive action in pursuit of your goals, you will be more than sure that you will attain that which you have always wanted to attain.

Have a beautiful planning time. Will you?

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