Is Online Business Different From Offline Business?

It’s interesting how guys want to earn money without breaking a sweat. Legitimate money making online businesses don’t become legitimate because they pay, but because you, as a person, offer some form of service or product. Like offline jobs and businesses, you will need some form of skill to run a business.

Let me give examples:

1. Mama mboga >Skills-sukuma cutting, coordinating purchases etc.

2. Welder>welding skills

3. Hair stylist> Hair styling skills

Using the same analogy, why would you like to earn online without any skill? Some of these online skills  take less than 2 months to acquire.

High Paying Online Skills Which you can learn within less than 2 months:

1. Content writing

2. Copywriting

3. Academic writing

4. Web design and development

5. Transcription

6. Data entry

7. Data analysis

8. Virtual support

9. Blogging


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