How I Overcame the Fear of Rejection

Do you fear being rejected? Or you are that guy who is adversely affected by rejection? Overcoming this kind of fear can help you achieve more than you are currently achieving.

Being a marketer and having marketed third party products and also my own products, I’ve come to recognize that this form of fear is central to most people.

Fear in itself is not bad. It helps you to evade otherwise risky situations and can actually save you from danger. This said, there are certain levels of fear which are unjustified and rather unrealistic.

While the fear of rejection can be justified socially, its effects are not far-reaching. Mastering rejection will boost your self-esteem and prepare you to attempt things that you could not have ever attempted before.

Here is how I overcame this fear of rejection.

It was 2018 and as usual, I was up marketing my services through outbound calls. My main way of reaching out to my prospects was through telemarketing. I would wake up, do morning chores, and straighten myself up on my working desk, ready to start making cold calls.

After a few rejections, I would become so emotionally drained that I was not able to make any other call. What would bump up my energy was when I got prospects who were willing to buy my products.

The quick adrenaline rush would make me want to make more calls. But in case I encountered a few more rejections, that would be it. No more calls.

Then one day, I had a meeting with ‘myself’. I asked myself several questions. I probed my inner being of my fear of rejection. I just came to realize that such fear had no bases. No bases at all.

To counter this further, I established my calling target number per hour. I also created a Client Relationship Management System to help me track all my clients and prospects. Each day, my system would give me a list of all the prospects I needed to call for that day. It was efficient. It worked.

My Client Customer Relationship System-Philemon

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So How Can You Overcome This Fear?

In case you are a marketer like me, just ask yourself these simple questions. Why am I in fear? What is the worst that can happen when I’m rejected? What is the best that can happen if I overcome this rejection? Does rejection define who I’m?

After doing an honest probe on these areas, go ahead and make positive affirmations about yourself. You are not defined by others. The perception which others have over you don’t decrease your worth. Neither can they increase your worth. You are of great value.

For you to succeed you will have to be persistent. You will face rejection. Perhaps lots of it but at the end of it all, you will rise above those challenges. And live your dream.

Rejection is Part of Important Life Lessons

Have you ever thought about this? Rejection helps you to grow. To mature up. To learn to handle your emotions and not break down. It is thus essential for your growth as an individual.

People who can’t handle rejection have a social problem. They will find it difficult to handle others. Their leadership skills will be lacking. And they may end up causing more friction than good when they are leading others.

Rejection will also teach you an important life lesson. That you are not always right. Others can reject you. Others have their own views too. Which could be contrary to yours. It will help you learn to accommodate counter views with ease and decorum.

If it’s a product you are selling, such accommodating nature will help you take customer inputs about the product positively. And perhaps improve it. It will also help you better identify with the customer pain points and see how you can help them.

Such accommodating approach to marketing and to business in general is very important. It will help you to tailor-make your business to solve others problem and not be just there to make money. After all a business exists to solve a problem, money being the reward of solving such a problem.

Rejection Will Help You Improve the Products You are Marketing

Sometimes, prospects will reject your product simply because it doesn’t meet their needs. You should thus take such rejections positively. You can actually ask the prospects to give you some honest views on why they could not buy from you. The insights you will gather from such are quite valuable.

Their suggestions are what you need to up your marketing game, to improve your product, and to create an edge against your competitors.

Winding Up

If you are yet to master the art of rejection. The time is now. Go and do that you have always procrastinated from doing because of rejection. But remember whichever the undertaking, it should be beneficial to you and to the rest of humanity. Success.

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